Distribution & Channel Partner Services

Know More About Our Distribution and Channel Partner Services

Merald Group provides specialized and technology-powered distribution and channel partner services to help businesses tap into new markets profitably. We invigorate the overall brand awareness amongst fresh audiences and assist in boosting sales, creating new revenue streams and opening the company to a wealth of shared resources.

Our Partnerships

Exclusive Partners

We are exclusive partners to Bluestar and ensure sole distribution of all their products. Our exclusive partnership with Bluestar helps them to increase their product visibility and acceptability, besides boosting their sales.

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Preferred Partners

We are preferred partners to Panasonic and help them foster their product’s development across countries. We help them distribute switchgear, switches, sockets and LED lighting amongst others all over Africa.

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Project Partners

We are project partners to companies like Grundfos Pumps, Ion Exchange and Baliga Explosion Proof. We help them augment their business by providing world class engineering and contracting services along with our comprehensive after sales services.

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Service Partners

We are service partners to Siemens and L&T and assist them with our robust installation and after sales services that align with their company objectives

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Other Business Verticals