Our Heritage

Our Story

Breakdown of the overall story


1990: Start of an Incredible Journey

Mr. Yogendra Singh, the founder of Merald Group embarked upon a new journey by moving to Africa to work in the Engineering and Oil Sector.


2005: First Company in Nigeria

The founder, along with other highly skilled and dedicated professionals saw an opportunity to revolutionise the engineering and facility management services in Africa and started with the first company in Nigeria.


2009: First Major Client

Landed up our first major client, Schlumberger.


2010: First Major Contract

Bagged our first contract in facility management, particularly generator maintenance.


2011: HQ Shifted to Lagos

Since we got our first major contract in Lagos, we shifted our headquarters to Lagos from Port Harcourt.


2012: Start of Contracting Division

Diversifying our operations, we started with a contracting division, primarily electrical contracting where we served Vedic Pharma.


2013: Expansion of Contracting Division

We expanded the contracting division to full MEP and implemented our ingenious skills in Port Harcourt mall.


2014: Operations in Ghana

After finishing the first major project for MEP at Port Harcourt, we spread our operations in Ghana. We also got Airtel Multinational Logo as our client.


2015: Entering into Interiors & Fitouts

We grew our business to interiors and fitouts. Besides, we started another business vertical, Univio Consultants to help organisations hire smart talent.


2016: Distribution and Channel Partner to Blue Star

We started the Distribution and Channel Partners Vertical and became Exclusive Partners of Blue Star HVAC.


2017: Expansion of Contracting Business

Expanded contracting business in Industrial Mechanical Erection and Steel Fabrication and established Dangote fertilizer. We also started our operations in Dubai.


2018: Civil Works in Industrial & Commercial Sectors

We extended our contracting business to major civil works in both Industrial and Commercial sector with a major contract from Dangote. Moreover, we grew our business in Uganda.


2019: Start of Catering Division

We started the catering division with major contracts from Schlumberger and Dangote. We established a permanent office in Ghana, making our mark all over Africa.


2020: Startup & Technology Vertical

Haulify, a logitech company was set up. In the Distribution vertical, we became strategic partners to Panasonic, Switchgear, WD and Lights. We also expanded our operations in India


Startup & Technology Expansion


2022 Onwards

Startup Accelerator & Incubation Center, Private Equity & VC services, Chemical Trading, Agro Commodities Export, Metals and Minerals Trading, Operation in Kenya & Tanzania, Operation in Ivory Coast and Senegal